Earn while browsing using Brave and BAT token

February 23, 2020
by Rahil Shaikh
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Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a token based on the decentralized Ethereum network. As the name suggests their GOAL is to monetize the user’s attention.

Brave is a browser that aims to provide you with a fast and secure browsing experience. The age in which user data is being tracked, used and misused by companies, Brave aims to give power back to the user.

Brave comes with Brave Sheild which blocks advertisements and tracking scripts. This gives you a clean browsing experience. Blocking unwanted ads also saves your bandwidth (Which means you save on your 4g data consumption).

Brave changes the revenue model for digital ad spaces, by rewarding users for their attention. The users can then reward their favorite publishers for the free content they are consuming making both the user and publisher happy.

You can earn while Browsing

When you install Brave you can set up an in-browser wallet. This wallet holds your earnings in BAT, these tokens can then be exchanged for USD or any other currency. To earn while browsing, you can enable brave to show non-intrusive ads. You can adjust the frequency as to how many ads you want to see per hour. Brave simply shows a nonintrusive notification to notify the user about the ad, the user can then click on the notification to see the ad. Barve will then reward the user for giving his/her attention to their ad.

Brave rewards publishers too

Since Brave blocks ads, if you are a publisher whos main source of earnings and providing free-quality content are ads by platforms like Adsense and others, you might be thinking this is bad for you. But no, in fact if you are a publisher you should signup as a creator on Brave right away and here is the reason…
The tokens users are earning on Brave can be set to auto-contribute. Meaning the users can reward their favorite publishers, Brave does this by calculating how much attention a user is giving to a particular website based on visits, time-spent and other metrics and then based on the attention given to each of the registered brave creators, Brave auto distributes a part of user’s earnings to the creators/ publishers.

Additionally, as a publisher, if you allow Brave to show ads on your website, you can earn directly.

What’s more? Using brave you can monetize not just only your website/blog but also other channels like your Twitter handle, GitHub, Youtube, etc.

By registering on brave as a publisher and enabling ads you can add to your current earnings by monetizing on users who are already using Brave Browser to visit your website.


  1.  Signing up for Brave would not impact your existing income stream, it will only add another income stream.
  2. Using this you can capitalize on the audience already using Brave.
  3. We are moving towards a more decentralized world where technologies built on the Blockchain like brave will gain popularity and more and more power would be transferred into the hands of the end-user.
  4. Publishers like us are already losing incomes due to the extensive usage of ad-blockers, and the reason users opt-out of ads is that they are invasive. Barve will encourage users to enable ads because they won’t be invasive and the user can adjust how many ads they want to see, plus they can earn while browsing.
  5. (OPINION) Eventually, everyone is going to move to products like these, so here we have a chance to be early adopters.

Getting Started

You get started with Brave by downloading it from this link. It’s my referral link, and if you download from here I’ll get a few BAT tokens. Once you download it, make sure you share yours with your friends. If you need any help with Brave, feel free to reach out to me on @rahil471

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