In this tutorial will learn how to center div,span or any element horizontally using css3 in just few lines of code.

For align center we are using transform translate css property. see below image, you can see Main grey div in which one green div is align Horizontally centered.

horizontal align
horizontal align center

So, lets start with css,


.horizontal-center {
position: relative;
left: 50%;
transform: translateX(-50%);
-moz-transform: translateX(-50%); /* For mozilla support */
-webkit-transform: translateX(-50%); /* For safari support */
-ms-transform: translateX(-50%); /* For IE support */
-o-transform: translateX(-50%); /* For opera support */

By applying position relative , left and transform we can easily align horizontally centered.

See full code with HTML & CSS


Div Align Horizontally center

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Hope this tutorial is helpful for you.


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