Hey everyone – I’m Mukul. I’m Introducing ‘Stories’ On CipherTrick today.

Who am I?

I’m an SEO. I own a bunch of websites that get 300k+ visitors/mo (collectively) and I love building and growing content sites. I’ve flipped 15+ small sites as of now and I’m looking forward to entering and growing in this industry more.

Why am I Introducing ‘Stories’ On CipherTrick?

I love reading case studies and stories related to building startups and online businesses. It’s something that has helped me learn a LOT. I love meeting people and talking to more people in the same industry as me. It’s always great to connect with link-minded individuals.

On the other hand, I love building content sites and want something that would last long and something for which I wouldn’t have to depend on Google.

Here’s when CipherTrick comes into the picture. It’s a passion project.

PS: I’m heavily inspired by IndieHackers, Starter Story & YourStory.

This site will have parts of all of these combined. In general – the perfect resource for someone who is wanting to enter the startup space. They can get Case Studies, Inspirational Stories, News & Info Posts from us.

Do I want to make money from this site?

Absolutely. This is a lucrative niche and I wouldn’t want to miss out on the potential this has.

How do I plan on growing the site?

I intend on growing the site w/ SEO and Social Media both.

SEO will help bring a steady flow of traffic for the lifetime of the site whereas ‘Social Media’ will help w/ getting the initial traction and ‘boost’ of traffic. I expect spikes in traffic when I release new interviews.

If you want to know more about me, please follow me on my socials. I post a lot of stuff related to SEO & Entrepreneurship there.

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