Setup WordPress on a VPS – Creating a Digital Ocean Droplet

October 1, 2018
by Rahil Shaikh
  • Setup Wordpress on Ubuntu

The following series of tutorials is carefully curated as a DIY for bloggers. Here we will see how we can set up a WordPress blog on a private hosting server.
The main aim of creating this is to allow non-technical bloggers to have their own VPS setup without too much hassle and not waste money outsourcing the task to someone else or make do with a shitty shared hosting service.

DigitalOcean Droplet

We will use a digitalocean droplet as a private vps. Creating droplets in digitalocean is a piece of cake. The pricing is very competitive. The minimum plan is a 5$ per month plan which can handle more than 10k pageviews a day easily. I switched from GoDaddy to DigitalOcean 2 years back and I’m loving it.

You can check out the plans right away here.

Now DigitalOcean does provide one-click install for WordPress. You can go with that. But I personally like to set it up by myself. This gives me more control over configuration and fine-tuning.

Creating a DigitalOcean Droplet

Without further ado let’s check out our first video to see how to create a Digitalocean droplet.

Where Next?

Now that we have successfully created a vm, let’s move on to the next tutorial where I will show you how to setup LEMP stack which is required for running a WordPress site.

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