Setup WordPress on a VPS – Setting up LEMP Stack on Ubuntu

October 1, 2018
by Rahil Shaikh
  • Setting up LEMP stack on Ubuntu

In this video, you will learn how to…

  • Install Nginx on Ubuntu
  • Install Mysql on ubuntu
  • Install PHP on Ubuntu

In short, we will run our WordPress installation on LEMP stack.

Now, WordPress requires MySQL and PHP to run, hence we need to set them up, but why Nginx? Of course, we could have just gone with Apache web server, but Nginx is slowly becoming the web server of choice of many out there and the reasons are many.

  • Provides better caching
  • Much easier to configure
  • Uses Multi-threading
  • And has proven to be much faster than Apache in serving static content over the web

Setting Up LEMP Stack on Ubuntu



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