We think it's appropriate to assume that you have been following our blogs and you think you can deliver similar or better content to us if you are reading this and are interested in writing for us.

This page contains writing and submission guidelines to get your articles approved on CipherTrick.

Acceptable Topics

CipherTrick is a programming blog and we won't accept any article that deviates beyond this niche. Most of our audience are interested in technologies like Angular 2, AngularJS and NodeJS and you stand a high chance of acceptance if your article is focused on the above micro-niche, however, we may also consider other frameworks or languages if we think it would be beneficial for readers and serves a purpose.

Type of content.

  1. Tutorials that solve complex/common problems.
  2. Best practices guide.
  3. Getting started with .. guide
  4. Build an app using ....
  5. Lists
  6. Comparisons.

We may additionally accept other types if it adds value and benefits the readers.

Writing Guide line

You will have a better chance of acceptance is you follow these writing guide line.

  • Content should be 100% original. Do not pick lines or copy paste from other articles, this is the worst thing an author can do. Please do not enter the hall of shame.
  • Write for the readers and without promotions, with a passion for educating people. Consider this as an opportunity to impress readers and gain followers.
  • Preferred length of articles is in between 800 to 2000 words. Also, do not add content that provides no value to the end reader just to meet the length.
  • Provide demos and links to code repos(github preferred) where ever possible.
  • Add images where ever necessary.
  • Make sure the images are your own or come under creative commons.
  • Preferred width of images is 900px.
  • Grammatical mistakes are a strict no and no.

Pitching your article

You can get in touch via the contact us page. Introduce yourself(Be real, don't try to fake it) and describe in brief about the topic you are going to write. If you could provide an outline of the post it would be great.

Along with that, include links to your website and/or to your previous articles. We respond to each and every request as soon as possible.

Get in touch soon.